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herbal acne treatment
7:33 PM, Thursday 25 February 2010


ZENMED® Acne Treatment
Clears acne from the inside-out. Works Fast with Guaranteed Results!


Skin Acne Treatment with Herbal Acne Treatment Products   by nnamdi agha

Acne is a condition that plagues both old and young alike. There was a previously held belief that acne is only for teens but this myth has been dispelled by acne itself because it affects even people in their forties and beyond. A fool proof product to treat acne will be of interest to many including me because I am also affected and infected by acne.


Acne treatment products are those creams, gels, pills and other preparations used for the treatment of acne and all pimple variants. Acne treatment products are employed in the cure of spots, pimples, zits and other variants like blackheads, whiteheads and rosacea.


These zits cure products could be home-based preparations [natural acne treatments], plants, roots and herbs [herbal acne treatment] or pharmaceutically prepared products used to treat pimples.


Most of the common medications that cure zits in the market today are either herbal based or made from synthetic materials and hydrocarbons. These medications can either be single therapy treatment products or combination therapy pimples medication. Single therapy medications are those products that offer just one type of cure like pills or creams or injections.


On the other hand, combination therapy acne treatment products are those zits medications that offer multi-pronged approach to pimples cure. The composition of such combination products include pills, injections, creams, facial masks, gels, etc. as one single treatment. Several examples of combination therapy acne treatment products abound.


Combination therapy medications that are used to treat skin spots are good. Single therapy pimples medications are equally good. Choose what works for you. The bottom line is that whichever acne treatment product you choose cures your acne without causing you unpleasant side effects and leaving acne scars behind.


Another point to consider when deciding on products that cure acne could be whether the product is herbal-based or made from artificial materials and hydrocarbons. While no type is bad, most [if not all] herbal-based medications that are used to treat pimples do not give you unpleasant side effects because they are organic in nature.


However, you must read the labels to know the herbal combinations of these formula to avoid ingesting or topically applying herbs you are allergic to. Artificial-based or synthetic products that cure acne also do the job.


However, where clinical trials were not fully carried out prior to release of the product or where such trials were inconclusive, you may be faced with unpleasant side effects that may be worse than zits. In other cases, such herbal products that cure spots may be labeled supplements to avoid scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration.


In all cases, pregnant women must consult with their doctor before using any drugs and supplements including pimples medications unless such drugs and supplements are clearly labeled suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers. You will not lose anything but anxiety if you still take such correctly labeled products to your doctor.


Which Pimples Medications are the best?

The one single or multiple pimples medication that remove your zits and prevent spots from recurring should be the best one for you.


How do you identify such products?

Read reviews and anecdotal evidence to decide the best treatment for you. Many claim that herbal based spots medications work best for them but others prefer combination products.


Decide what clears your zits and stick to it.


Discover best acne treatment products and get rid of pimples and zits at


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